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New in Telegram

v 3.2

  • Hyper-Speed Scrolling for Shared Media.
  • Calendar View for Shared Media.
  • Join Requests for Groups and Channels.
  • Unique Names for Invite Links.
  • Global Chat Themes on iOS. Transit Times for Shared Locations on iOS. Instant Media Captions for iOS.
  • Settings updated for iOS 15.
  • More Interactive Emoji.

v 3.0

  • Broadcast video and share your screen to an unlimited number of viewers.
  • To begin, tap the Live Stream button in the title bar of a community where you are an admin.
  • Tap the “Forward Message” label above the input field to change how messages will be sent.
  • Hide or show the original sender's name.
  • Remove or keep captions from media messages.
  • See how many unread comments there are when opening a channel's comments.

v 2.6

  • Set messages to auto-delete for everyone 24 hours or 7 days after sending.
  • Control auto-delete settings in any of your chats, as well as in groups and channels where you are an admin.
  • To enable auto-delete, right click on the chat in the chat list > Clear History > Enable Auto-Delete.
  • Create invite links that work for a limited time or a limited number of uses.
  • See which users joined using your, or your admins', invite links.
  • Turn any invite link into a QR code users can scan with their phone cameras.
  • To manage invite links, click … > Manage Group/Channel > Invite Links.
  • Convert groups that have reached 200,000 members into unlimited Broadcast Groups.

v 2.5.9

  • Add 'Invite via Link' button to Add Members box.
  • Fix window size in Windows 10 Tablet Mode.
  • Fix layout of round video messages in channels.

v 2.5.7

  • Delete not only messages, but also groups you created and call history for all sides, without a trace.
  • Adjust volume for individual participants of a voice chat.
  • Report fake groups or channels impersonating famous people or organizations by opening their Profile > … > Report.

v 2.5

  • Turn any of your group chats into a hop-on, hop-off conference call.
  • Get up to several thousand participants in each voice chat.
  • Control the number of speakers with flexible admin tools.

v 2.4.5

  • Pin several messages in any chat, including one-on-one chats.
  • Jump between pinned messages or open them all on a separate page via the top bar.
  • Send several music tracks as a playlist.
  • Send several files as an album in one chat bubble.
  • Send a emoji to any chat to see if you hit the jackpot.
  • Hide Telegram taskbar icon on Linux in Settings > Advanced.

v 2.4

  • Turn on “Remain Anonymous” in an admin's Permissions to let them post on behalf of the group and become invisible in the list of members.
  • Comment on posts in channels that have a discussion group.
  • Get notified about replies to your comments via the new Replies chat (if you are not a member of the discussion group).

v 2.3

  • Video Calls (alpha version).

v 2.2

  • Quickly switch between different Telegram accounts if you use multiple phone numbers.
  • Share and store unlimited files of any type, now up to 2'000 MB each.
  • Edit your scheduled messages.
  • Use Auto-Night Mode to make Telegram night mode match the system Dark Mode settings.
  • Also added an option to switch to system window frame in Windows and Linux.

v 2.1

  • Directory of stickers. 20,000 stickers from professional artists are available in the updated sticker panel. To open a section, click the "+" icon.
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